Why Choose Us?

The Long Arm Mechanic's Difference

Just because modern vehicles are rolling computers of complexity, doesn't mean the automotive repair process has to increase in complexity as well. If anything, car repair should be getting easier for consumers. Vehicles are manufactured now to the highest standard ever, and service intervals have increased substantially. Finding a modern repair shop that understands these facts, and is willing to stay up to date with the training and equipment standards needed to service today's vehicles is the biggest challenge consumers face today. A recent survey by Consumer Reports states  "In addition to higher costs for the same repairs, even dealers are reported to have just as many repair complaints and quality control issues as independent repair shops."

So what can consumers and vehicle owners do to ensure they aren't paying more than they have to, while getting a quality service at the same time? The best place to start is by researching what an auto repair facility needs to provide quality repair at a fair price. Our personalized repair process ensures a quality service at a reasonable price. Below is a list of links related to finding a good independent repair shop, including a link to our YouTube channel with related videos. If you don't have time to spend hours of research, check out our testimonials page and see what others are saying too. Why choose us? From Smart Oil Changes to Prioritized Services, Long Arm Mechanics' systems are transparent, up to date with modern technology, and designed to be convenient for our customers. It all starts with our easy to understand 10 step personalized repair process.....           


 Our personalized repair process begins before you show up for your appointment...

  1. Getting started: Our process starts when you call to make an appointment, by listening to what your concerns are with your vehicle. Why did you schedule an appointment today? What can we do for you?  Don't be shy, tell us all of your concerns, big or little. Often times our new customers are hesitant to mention all of their concerns, because they don't want to spend any extra money. We understand, and we won't charge you a dime unless you say so
  2. Transportation: Next we'll make sure you have transportation arranged if your leaving your vehicle with us, or we'll arrange a shuttle to work or home if needed. We also have a waiting room with free Wi-Fi for our customers that prefer to wait. Most of our scheduled oil changes only take 30 minutes, so we don't mind if you would like to wait. Did you know we can also pick up and deliver your vehicle from your work or home? Call us for details.
  3. Inspection and testing: While this is happening, we have already assigned a technician that best suits the needs of your vehicle and address your concerns. By the time you have gotten to work, we have begun the inspection process. Our inspection process enhances our efficiency, so you can get your vehicle back in a timely manner. Simple as 123.....
    1. Verify the concern: Our inspection process starts out with a test drive (when applicable) to verify your concerns 
    2. Visual inspection: Next, we'll begin our thorough visual inspection. If we find your concern in the visual inspection, we won't charge for diagnostics. Guaranteed
    3. Validate a cause: Lastly, after our inspections and testing we will determine the cause, & root cause of your concerns.
  4. Estimate: Next is providing you with an estimate and options for repair. Our prioritized repairs make it easy for you to make the decision on what services you should perform now, and which you can wait on. Click below to learn more about our Prioritized Services. Once again, its as simple as 123...
    1. Needing Immediate Attention
    2. Suggested Services & Repairs 
    3. Preventive & Monitoring
  5. Approval: We will call your work or cell phone, email, text (limitations apply), fax, telegraph, smoke signals...... OK probably not the last two. But we won't proceed with repairs without your approval, and peace of mind with the recommended maintenance and repairs. Period. At this point you are not obligated to pay for any thing or perform any maintenance or repairs (except for previously approved testing).
  6. Time: Since we want you to be comfortable with what we are doing, we will also give you an estimated time for pick up. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to coordinate a ride, pick up, et cetera.      
  7. Maintenance & Repair: Now we are ready to perform any maintenance & repairs your vehicle needs. "FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME" is our internal motto. We don't want you to have to bring your vehicle back more than once for the same problem. While we do love seeing you, we would prefer you only had to return for regularly scheduled maintenance, fuel saving services, and green car care. 
  8. Verification: To guarantee our work, we take your vehicle on another test drive to verify your concerns and that our repairs went as desired. We will also hook the vehicle up to our testing and diagnostic equipment, and have our shop foreman verify all repairs. Levon (our shop foreman) is not paid by commission per car, he is paid to help guarantee the quality of the repairs on your vehicle.
  9. Pick up: Now we are ready to give you a call to let you know your vehicle is ready.
  10. Follow up: We will follow up with you if you have performed any comprehensive or emergency repairs within the next few weeks just to make sure you are satisfied. Once again, you can choose work or cellphone, email, text, fax, telegraph, or smoke signals. We want to make it easy for you to get your car maintained and repaired at Long Arm Mechanics.