Smarter Vehicles Require Smarter Maintenance

Our standard oil change. This is the basic 3 month/3,000 mile oil change available everywhere.
Our premium oil change. This package includes a 4 month/4,000 mile interval and offers better protection and less trips to the repair shop!
The absolute best oil change available. This package includes a 6 month/6,000 mile interval and offers the best value for minimal repair shop visits, and maximum protection for your vehicle.
Our exclusive oil change is for new model & high end vehicles, up to 12 month/12,000 mile. See us for more details.

Save Time, Reduce Waste Oil & Maintenance Costs

Smart Oil Changes

What are smart oil changes? Keeping up with the quickly evolving, government mandated emissions standards, car companies have engineered their vehicles to increase oil change intervals by huge margins. Since 2006, the 3 month/3,000 mile oil change has been almost completely phased out. These changes in oil technology have affected every manufacturer's recommendations and requirements for maintenance and oil change intervals. Vehicles have come a long way in the last 20 years specifically, trying to keep up with these increased regulations. Don't just take our word for it either. Click on the links below to scratch the surface on this constantly evolving topic. We follow factory recommended oil ratings (as per your Owner's Manual), in order to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. This is a very complex issue, that most automotive technicians don't even understand. We have studied the issue in-depth, and received extensive training to make it easy for our customers!

The best part, it doesn't cost you any more money!

Benefits to Us, The Consumers

  • Convenience:
    • Our better oil change saves you an oil change per year
    • Our best oil change is only a twice a year visit
    • 30 minutes, twice a year, and your vehicle maintenance is done!  
    • This twice a year schedule coincides with most manufacturer's maintenance schedules
  • Increased Protection:
    • Using the correct oil for your car will maintain your fuel economy
    • Lower maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle 
    • Modern engines are advanced and very sensitive to dirty oils
    • Internal engine repairs from using cheap/wrong oils are very expensive 
  • Green Car Care:
    • Longer interval, higher quality oil changes reduce the amount of waste oil by up to half
    • Vehicles using the correct modern oils develop leaks less frequently 

New Customer Inspections 

Our free, comprehensive, new customer inspection goes above and beyond a basic inspection you'll receive anywhere else. In addition to the mechanical inspection you will find at any shop, we also include a computer & electronics inspection. Modern cars are growing into rolling computers & every new model has an additional number of added electronics. That means a growing percentage of each new model is not being regularly inspected until there's a failure of course. Inspecting the computer and electronics in our free, comprehensive, new customer inspection will allow us to establish a strong baseline. We'll monitor anything we find on all following visits to ensure you get the best value on every service or repair, before it gets expensive. Never be surprised with a huge repair or maintenance bill again!  

Long Arm Mechanics Smart Inspection

Free Yourself from Oil Change Intervals!




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