Smart Inspections 


New Customer Inspections 

Our free, comprehensive, new customer inspection goes above and beyond a basic inspection you'll receive anywhere else. In addition to the mechanical inspection you will find at any shop, we also include a computer & electronics inspection. Modern cars are growing into rolling computers & every new model has an additional number of added electronics. That means a growing percentage of each new model is not being regularly inspected until there's a failure of course. Inspecting the computer and electronics in our free, comprehensive, new customer inspection will allow us to establish a strong baseline. We'll monitor anything we find on all following visits to ensure you get the best value on every service or repair, before it gets expensive.

Never be surprised with a huge repair or maintenance bill again!  

Long Arm Mechanics Smart Inspections
Long Arm Mechanics Smart Inspections

Mechanical Inspections 

Every vehicle that comes into our shop receives a free mechanical inspection every visit. Our technicians receive not only the service history and recommendations from previous visits to us, but also the manufacturer recommended maintenance for every car, every time! We want our customers to trust that we would never sell them anything that they don't need. 


Electrical and Computer Inspections 

This is our best value added service to our customers. Now that more of our vehicles are controlled by computers, the proper operation of these electronics can and should be monitored and inspected just like the rest of the car. A few of the additional inspection points include monitoring the live operation of several key input sensors to the power-train control module (this is the main computer for your vehicle). All of these additional inspection points are equivalent to 1 hour spent and we offer this valued service free to all of our customers! We're confident this is the best value in Boise, Idaho or anywhere else! 


Long Arm Mechanics Inspection

***Disclaimer***  Our complimentary new customer inspections includes a comprehensive inspection performed by a trained and certified technician with a flash light and a scan tool and takes approximately one hour to perform. We pay our technicians for this repair at no cost to our customers. Any additional concerns including but not limited to, removal of any parts for inspection,  or any further testing will require a testing charge that will be determined by the severity of the issues you and your vehicle may have.  It does not include testing and diagnostics of a particular symptom, and is not a guarantee that any particular symptom your vehicle may be having will be solved by repairing any issues found on the inspection. 




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