Prioritized Services 

Ever had a repair bill or service recommended for hundreds or thousands of dollars with no warning and no way to know how accurate or urgent it really is? 

We make it easy for our customers to understand what services and repairs need to be done, why they need to be done, and when they need to be done. Nothing gets performed without approval, you're in the driver's seat for every service and repair we recommend!

All services start with a good inspection. Click here to find out more about our

New Customer Inspections  

Needing Immediate Attention

Repairs listed below are the highest priority and we will encourage repairs as soon as possible.  



Ever go to a repair shop with a concern and get "up-sold" items without your original concern being addressed fully? Our motto "Complete Customer & Car Care" means we put Customer Concerns first.    


Emergency Repairs 

Sometimes there's a noise under the hood that makes you nervous, sometimes the pot holes we hit everyday after work seem worse, and sometimes the car just doesn't start. Performing regular maintenance and inspections can keep these types of repairs to a minimum.

Braking systems

The number one safety system on your vehicle. When the brakes are squealing or vibrating, or the pedal feels softer or harder than normal, its time to get them inspected. We say better safe than sorry, so we offer a FREE brake inspection to all our customers! 




An essential safety area on your vehicle that must be inspected Every Vehicle, Every Time. Steering and Suspension rebuilds are common on our list of high priority services. 




 The most important system on our cars! Side impact sensors, occupant restraint and sensing components, and seat belt tensioners. We can fix them all! 

Suggested Services & Repairs

Failing parts in this category are likely at risk of causing further damage to vehicle, and customers time, but passenger safety is not directly threatened. When the suspected failure spreads and gets worse, it will rise to an emergency repair, and almost always rises in cost.   

Check Engine &

Warning Lights  

If you have a warning light illuminated, but your car seems to be running OK. It's almost guaranteed to have higher emissions, and lower fuel mileage, these concerns can be a  "time bomb" waiting to explode in repair cost.  


 Electrical Systems  

From charging, starting, and battery systems to advanced electrical and computer systems. We are equipped with the right tools to find electrical faults quickly and accurately. At the heart of any electrical system is the battery. We test every car, every time. 

Fluid Leaks 

The worst offending leaks (oil pressure leaks, most cooling system leaks, etc.) can move up to an emergency repair quickly once they've gotten too bad. Most leaks are easy to find with a basic inspection, and our customers often find them on their driveways before they bring them in. Hard to find leaks we can put a special dye in to help pinpoint the source. No guessing allowed! 

Air Conditioning 

Most of our customers would agree that a proper operating air conditioning system is a high priority when the mercury is in the triple digits! We are fully equipped to handle all your A/C needs and get you the coldest air possible!


 Heating & Cooling

Up to 70% of the energy created by gasoline engines is converted into heat. Proper operation is essential. Water pumps, radiators, heater cores, and all related hose's are inspected every visit.

Preventive & Monitoring Services  

The items listed below are services and repairs that are upcoming. It is also where we list proactive services that enable us to get the most efficiency out of our vehicles and ensure long life with low repair costs.   

Factory Advised Maintenance 

The manufacturer of your vehicle provides specific recommendations to get the most life, at the lowest cost for every vehicle. Most modern vehicles come equipped with extended service life for the majority of maintenance items that are still being oversold by antiquated maintenance programs.

 Green Car Care 

The best form of green car care available to us, as of yet, is keeping our cars maintained and running smoothly. Check out our Green Car Care page and our YouTube channel for more info!  

Regular Maintenance

Fuel filters, tire pressures, air filters, and cabin air filters. These are the basics of vehicle ownership. We'll make sure and check your maintenance items to help avoid costly emergency repairs. Don't forget that checking the cabin air filter helps to ensure the air your breathing is being filtered properly.


 Monitored Repairs

Let's be honest for a minute. Do all repairs need to be performed right now? A lot of repairs can be monitored at every oil change and performed when you are ready (excluding safety repairs of course). We love these types, because they allow our customers to plan ahead, and allow us to have the parts waiting to ensure the most convenient service!   

Bulb Replacements  

Is you turn signal blinking fast, or have you been pulled over for missing brake lights? In most cases, we can replace bulbs for free to our customers. Offer excludes headlight bulbs, LED bulbs, and bulbs that require excessive bumper or interior panels to gain access.

Additional Services

 From oil changes to inspections, we started with the basics when creating our list of services.
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