Green Light Out Reach Program

We have helped 3 families stay on the road so far in 2017

Green Light Outreach Program Long Arm Mechanics

Have you ever been faced with a broken down car? It has happened to all of us at one point in our lives or another. For most of us, our vehicle is so essential that we can't imagine life without it. Now imagine falling on hard times in your life. Sometimes our vehicles are the only things holding our careers and families together.  The automobile has been an essential part of american life since the 1950's. Not only as an extension of ourselves, but also the workhorse of american families. In some cases, a little help from our community is all that it takes to keep that job, to keep out of the shelters, or to put food on the table. With our affiliated partners, Long Arm Mechanics is establishing a way to help those in our community that need help the most, with the introduction of the Green Light Outreach Program. 


We are in the early stages of development for our Green Light Outreach Program. Designed to provide a formal way to donate our time and expertise, we will be donating a percent of our profits towards helping families in need of safety and emergency repairs in our local community.  More Information and updates will follow as we grow!  







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