Green Car Care

  • Our Facility
    • We avoid watershed contamination by keeping our facility clean before it has the opportunity to track to our roads. 
    • Our recycling program includes, all batteries, all cardboard (a surprising amount), all metals, all waste fluids.
    • We use re-usable rags and hand towels, and wash them in house. The amount of waste our facility produces, on average, is less than the average American home. Just one trash can. 
    • Our facility has a high insulation rating. This greatly reduces the amount of heating and air conditioning we use.
    • We have sealed containers for all gas and chemicals stored on sight. The fuel used in our vehicles evaporates, we prevent as much waste as possible.  
  • Our Repair Process
    • Leaks: On all leaks we fix, we clean as much of the leaking fluid off of your car before you leave to ensure fluids remain in your vehicle, not on your driveway or in our watersheds. 
    • Hazardous waste: We don't charge "hazardous waste" fees because we don't produce hazardous waste. Our parts are cleaned by an aqueous based solvent that is biodegradable. On the rare occasion we do have to use hazardous materials, we dispose of them properly.
    • Smart chargers: Our battery chargers automatically shut off when the battery is charged. No more energy used than what's needed.  
    • Double capacity air compressor: This reduces the amount of time the compressor is on, greatly reducing power. 
    • Smart vehicle lifts: -Coming Soon-  We are planning on investing in vehicle lifts that draw half the amount of power that standard lifts use. They are also safer for our technicians, and faster for our customers too!   

Boise River & Our Local Watersheds

There are a few ways our vehicles can pollute our watersheds including home oil changes, engine cleaning & leaking fluids. At Long Arm Mechanics, leaking fluids and clean engines are a main area of focus. On our inspections, we prioritize the leaks coming from your vehicle to so we can monitor them and ensure the fluids used to keep our vehicles moving, stay in our cars and out of our local watersheds.

EPA Nonpoint Source Pollution

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Management Program

Watershed Pollution Prevention Tips


Unfortunate oil spill

Treasure Valley Air Quality 

Whether its from wild fires or the famous inversion trapping in the exhaust fumes from our vehicles, a few times a year the air quality in the beautiful Treasure Valley rises to unhealthy levels. Keeping our vehicles running efficiently is actually healthier for us & our vehicles.

Check out these links for more info and real time Treasure Valley air quality reports:

Idaho D.E.Q.: Vehicle Emissions Impacts

Idaho DEQ: Daily Air Quality Reports

Idaho DEQ: Real-Time Air Quality Data

CARB: Health Effects of Air pollution


Emissions, Tune your car, Long Arm Mechanics

Smog and clean air 

Did you know that anytime your check engine light is activated your vehicle is at risk for creating excessive tailpipe emissions? As the EPA states, "The 1990 Clean Air Act established the requirement that passenger vehicles be equipped with on board diagnostics. The diagnostics system is designed to trigger a dashboard "check engine" light alerting the driver of a possible pollution control device malfunction." It sounds expensive, we know. But it can be just as costly avoiding our check engine light. Not only from the snowball effect of parts failures that occurs in modern automotive systems, but also in our fuel mileage. Our testing and inspection systems are designed to give you the information you need to easily make an informed decision about check engine light repairs at no obligation.     


Also, if your vehicle fails its Idaho state emissions test, we can repair that too. Bring the failure slip from your failed test, and we'll let you know what it will take to get it repaired. 


Check out these links for more information:

EPA: The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act

Idaho State Smog Requirements





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