Extending Vehicle Life

In the 1990's most vehicles were manufactured to have a service life of 120,000 miles. Manufacturer recommended services didn't go past that. One notable exception being Toyota coming out with the 3rd Generation Toyota Camry in 1992. This was Toyota's flagship vehicle that was specifically designed for lower maintenance costs and reliability. This helped, in no small part, to make Toyota the largest vehicle manufacturer twenty years later. (Soon to be overtaken by Volkswagen, who has been absorbing several "smaller" auto makers, like Lamborghini). The Camry and some other Japanese manufacturers like Subaru were, in fact, the leading edge of what was in an increasing trend that most manufacturers are endorsing. Our list of related reading below contains an article regarding 10 new model vehicles that are manufactured to have a service life of 250,000 miles. There are a rare group of people out there that are leading the way in extending vehicle life, and defying the odds, getting extremely high mileage in an attempt to get the most out of their vehicles. Note Cummin's & Subaru High Mileage Clubs, and reports of one of the previously stated mid '90's Camry going over 1,300,000 miles! What is driving these people to keep their cars for so long when most Americans keep their cars an average of 6-7 years (up from 4-5 years in the '90's).  Obviously there has to be a personal commitment and attachment to the vehicle, but we think they just have a great relationship with their mechanic! The vehicle service life of most vehicles on the road is still around 120K -160K and just getting there can be a challenge. These people have shown that getting an exceptional value from your vehicle is possible with the right maintenance plan and a repair shop you can TRUST! Come see us to set up a maintenance plan for your vehicle. 
Long Arm Mechanics High Mileage Club
500,000 Mile Odometer, Long Arm Mechanics Boise Idaho

The 500,000 Mile Chevy

Purchased used, with 70,000 miles on the odometer. The second owner, Doug Arnold, (Levon, Long Arm Mechanics Owner/Operator's Father) has maintained a great running, driving, and looking, truck over the last 15 years of ownership. Not only that, he has maintained extensive records for almost every maintenance service, repair, and even every fuel fill up. Pictured Below   




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