African Auto Repair 

From Boise, Idaho to East Africa. While on vacation, March 2015, I was able to get a unique look at the automotive industry and how people get their cars serviced. I was absolutely blown away at how inventive and innovative the people were to adapt to the lack of infrastructure. Most places were lacking in reliable power, let alone the 220v power needed for vehicle lifts, I didn't see one vehicle lift the entire time I was there. The ramps pictured were used mostly on the side of the road (which was always sloped). The eucalyptus trees used are deceivingly strong, which we found out the hard way while building the library for the Nyakaina Primary School. Check out this video "Driver Filmed Loading a Truck into a Ship" showing how strong these thin boards can be! Toyota dominated the market in East Africa with small economical cars. Not so different from certain areas in most American cities, Garage Street was the area where everybody went for vehicle repairs.